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September 12th

Alien Swarm 1.14 is now available. Fixes various issues for latest iOS update

March 15th

Alien Swarm 1.12 is now available. Fixes various issues for iOS 4.0 including problems with name entry for the Hi-Score Table

February 17th - Your name really here!

Alien Swarm 1.11 is now available. Includes connectivity improvements for the 'Global Internet Hi-Score Table'

January 28th - Your name here!

Alien Swarm 1.10 is now available. Featuring a 'Global Internet Hi-Score Table'.

November 25th

Alien Swarm 1.9 is now available. It improves the reliability of the auto-save feature. Plus some other minor things.

September 18th

Alien Swarm 1.8 is now available. This fixed a rare problem with the sound playback.

July 20th - 3G S update

Alien Swarm 1.7 is now available. This fixed an issue with the new iPhone 3G S.

May 8th - OS 3 update

Alien Swarm 1.6 is now available. This fixed a minor issue with OS 3.

April 20th - Easy progression

Alien Swarm 1.5 is now available. Main feature of this update is the adjustment of the easy difficulty setting. It now ramps up more smoothly with less of a jump at around level 9.

March 26th - Auto save

Alien Swarm 1.4 is now available. This version allows you to take a break from playing a game, and come back to continue it at a later time.

January 21th - Minor update

Alien Swarm 1.3 released. Minor update to address some presentation issues, including a new icon!

December 21th - Tough Aliens

Alien Swarm 1.2 will soon be released. This update contains an optional 'Hard' difficulty setting which will pose a greater challenge for hard core gamers.

December 16th - Bonus Rounds!

Alien Swarm 1.1 is released. The most requested feature is now ready for your playing pleasure - Swirly alien bonus rounds. Also the iPod music thingy has been changed, so now you can shoot aliens and listen to music at the same time.

November 18th - Alien Swarm released.

Retro-arcade shoot'em up action for your iPhone. We're really pleased with how this one turned out, especially the controls - Simple but responsive and living up to the expectation of an iPhone interactive experience. But enough of the buzz words, go see more detail!